Sebastian Kurz: The Youngest Conservative in the World

Sebastian Kurz, the newly elected leader in Austria, is the youngest leader in the world as of right now.  He is 31-years-old.  Back in 2013, Kurz was elected the Foreign Minister at the age of 27.

During Austria’s most recent elections, Kurz took the role as leader for the right wing, conservative party, the People’s Party.  This group’s popularity took up to 31% of the likeability votes during the election.  The People’s Party had an attraction towards Sebastian Kurz already, because he held similar views to them.

Kurz is known as a “go getter”, as well as slick and opportunistic.  He’s young and determined, which is what draws the public to him.  After being elected, Kurz said: “It is my assignment to change this country…I will establish a new style in our country.”  Kurz plans to send the country into a ring wing and conservative direction.

During the campaign, Kurz focused on his distaste for the immigration policy in not only Austria, but Europe.  He believes that immigration is the basis for a lot of Europe’s issues, and wants to put an end to it.  He added that if he couldn’t ban immigration completely, he’d make sure that immigrants lived under strict rules, like making sure all immigrants became fluent in German.  As of 2016, European countries have been working together to control immigration by having it channeled through the Balkans.  Kurz, as well as other countries in Europe believe that this will solve problems for them, immensely.

Once he was elected, Kurz made a daring and controversial decision to work with the Freedom Party, a left-winged and populist group that is a known “enemy” of the People’s Party.  While they have very different views, Kurz believes that unity will help to solve future issues.  The Freedom Party lost most of its following during the elections after Kurz became the official leader of the People’s Party.

While some of his followers are anti-Semitic, Kurz has no tolerance for it.  When asked about what to do about the issues, Kurz responded: “The battle against anti-Semitism and our policy of zero-tolerance against all anti-Semitic tendencies is very important to me…It is a clear pro-condition for the formation of any coalition under my leadership…” Kurz is supposed to meet with the President of Austria, Alexander Van der Bellen, on multiple occasions to discuss a best way to control the problem.

Sebastian, while young, is determined to find change for Austria.  His followers know he’s passionate about finding a common good for the country.  Sebastian is working to find a system that best suits Austria as a whole.  Eugen Freund stated: “Everything he does is styled to the last breath…Everything is thought through: every movement of his hands, the way he gazes at people with a slight forward tilt of the head as if to indicate his attention.  He does not leave anything to circumstance…”

Sebastian Kurz, a young and determined leader, has impressed his country, thus far.  His determined spirit has made his followers confident that he’ll make decisions with the country’s best interests in mind.

He is expected to be a strong and successful republican leader.