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The Mexican Drug Cartel, created in 2006, has been generating many problems for Mexico as a country.  This discussion focuses on the urbanization of drugs in Mexican States. The urbanization of drugs impacts Mexico in many ways, but tourism is at the top of the list.  The dangers that arise in Mexico due to drugs greatly affects the tourism, and more-so, the revenue generated from tourism. Due to the dangers that exist in Mexico, the U.S. State Department has instituted a system that is devised of four levels of danger in foreign states to warn American travelers of the dangers in foreign countries.  Level 1 means that there is not much to warn travelers about; there isn’t much conflict in a foreign country or state. Level 2    means that there is increased warning directed to travelers when traveling to a foreign country or state. Level 3 means that travelers should reconsider their decision to vacation in a foreign country or state. Finally, Level 4 highly advises travelers to steer clear of the foreign country or state, as it is very dangerous.

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There are 31 Mexican states; as a whole, the country is rated at a Level 2.  Level 2 means that American tourists should have increased caution when traveling to Mexico (  This discussion focuses on Playa Del Carmen, Mexico City, Jalisco, and Colima.  All of these Mexican states range from Level 2 to Level 4 travel warnings.


Playa del Carmen is a very popular Mexican tourist sight, especially for college students around Spring Break.  In February of 2018, a ferry exploded in Playa Del Carmen. The explosion ultimately prohibited U.S. Government employees or officials from travelling on ferries in Mexico; private transportation is required.  The explosion injured 25 people, but did not kill anyone. While some fingers point to Mexican drug gangs as being responsible for the incident, terrorism has been ruled out. To date, no one has been convicted of the crime.  Due to this incident, the U.S. State Department has categorized Playa Del Carmen as a Level 2 for danger. (

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Mexico City is another popular destination in Mexico. (  An article states that in Mexico City, alone, there are over 20,000 places to buy drugs from undercover or well-hidden drug gangs (  Drugs are being sold everywhere in Mexico City, such as small grocery stores, football fields, and apartment buildings.  Overall, the sales of drugs have increased from 200 places to 3,000 in the past five years. This overgrowth has increased in homicides.  The state is rated as a Level 2 by the U.S. State Department.


Jalisco, Mexico is rated by the U.S. State Department at Level 3.  While U.S. citizens are highly advised to not go to Jalisco, U.S. government employees are under strict instruction if they are to stay in the Mexican state for work. (  Jalisco is also home to the Jalisco Cartel, a Mexican Drug Cartel group that is infamous for horrible kidnappings and killings (  Most recently, the gang was involved in a mass shooting of 15 Jalisco police officers back in 2015.  Months later, the gang acted again and shot down a military helicopter. The gang has access to many military grade weapons.  Overall, Jalisco is considered a dangerous city, and not recommended for tourism.

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Colima, Mexico is known as the fourth smallest Mexican state.  Recently, it has gotten the reputation for being controlled by drug cartels and crime.  Drug cartels are fighting for the territory to easily important synthetic drugs in and out of Mexico (  Colima, Mexico has been rated by the U.S. State Department as a Level 4. The state cautions that no one travels there (  U.S. State Department officials must abide under strict rules if they are to travel to the state.  Some of these rules include not attending adult entertainment clubs or participating in any kind of gambling.  At Level 4, Colima is considered an extremely dangerous territory for tourism and travel.


Mexico is often considered a popular vacationing country.  Over the years, it has become increasingly dangerous, impacting its ability to generate income via tourism.  The U.S. State Departments levels its individual states from Levels 1 to 4; 1 being safe, 4 being extremely dangerous.  Playa Del Carmen, Mexico City, Jalisco, and Colima range from Levels 2 to 4 in safety. Although none are classified at Level 1, Playa Del Carmen and Mexico City are considered the safest, ranked at Level 2.  While Jalisco and Colima are ranked at 3 and 4, respectively, travel there is scarce. Mexico’s drug urbanization is greatly impacting tourism and ultimately Mexico’s ability to produce an ample income.

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